The encouraging openness of the Italian Ministry for Culture, MiBACT, towards contemporary circus (which has been included among the four arts stated in the Ministerial Decree, together with music, theatre and dance) made it necessary to fill a gap: from now on, a representation in the field is needed.

For this reason, some professionals decided to create the Associazione Circo Contemporaneo Italia.

This new organization is born thanks to 14 institutions:

  1. Associazione ARTINCIRCO;
  2. Associazione Chapitombolo;
  3. Associazione Circo e dintorni;
  4. Associazione C.L.A.P.Spettacolodalvivo;
  5. Associazione Dinamica;
  6. Associazione Giocolieri e Dintorni;
  7. Associazione IDEAGORA’;
  8. Associazione Onarts;
  9. Associazione QuattroX4;
  10. Associazione Sarabanda;
  11. Associazione Società Ginnastica di Torino;
  12. Associazione Teatro Necessario;
  13. Associazione Ultimo Punto;
  14. Fondazione Cirko Vertigo.

A.C.C.I. represents distribution, promotion, production, training and artistic residencies of contemporary circus art and culture, in each its artistic expression.

The Association aims to convey this sector interests and requests in every location, national and international, promoting and organizing initiatives in order to give exposure and support to contemporary circus activities. Among the tasks there are: studying and dealing with artistic, cultural and organisational issues; representing associated members in front of public and private Institutions; enhancing artistic, technical and economical development. Productive communication and cooperation between distribution, production, education and promotion will be the starting point for valuing this art.

Organizations juridically established can adhere to A.C.C.I., if interested in realizing the institutional purposes and if they share goals and essence with A.C.C.I..

A.C.C.I. is a member of Agis – Federvivo.